Is proof always required to win?

Not Always. If  proof is required, it should be indicated on the giveaway post.

Can new accounts participate?

Your account must be at least a month old to be eligible for the contest. If by chance, your previous account was suspended, or restricted, kindly indicate on your bio or pinned tweet the previous account’s username. You will be re-rolled if we don’t see this information while picking winners.

How do you pay your winners?

All local Indonesian wallets and bank transfers. We can also pay via PayPal and Crypto

Can I see your vouch for payments?

Absolutely. Check #IWonHanabi on Twitter for vouches and testimonials.

What are your terms and conditions?

To summarize

1. Account needs to be at least one month old. If your previous account was suspended or restricted or got locked, you need to indicate on your bio or pinned post the username of the old account. This needs to be seen at the time of the draw. Lastly, If you just decided to switch accounts just because you want to, then you need to wait for your account to age for a month. Minimum number of followers should be 5. If got sussed or locked, then ask some friends to follow you to reach the requirement (added 6/26/2023)

2. Winner should have original tweet/s. If you have joined a giveaway (any one’s giveaway) for a particular day, there should be an original tweet for that day (not giveaway related). Changing a profile picture or posting a picture without context is not considered an Original tweet. Replies to someone else’s tweet are not considered Original tweet. Posting random words or number like “12e12eh” “hielmcei” or any alphanumeric words to say you have an original tweet, then it is not a valid original tweet. Make it make sense. If a joiner does not upload any media or picture of any sort or proof of a anything in media, this would mean high chance that she is hiding something to not get caught as multi.If Winner doespost crop media could mean they are hiding something . No cropping of proofs.

3. Be patient when you win. Admin will respond to you as soon as we can. We also sleep.

4.  We process payments once a day. So give us 24 to 72 hours to send out prizes.

5. Do not spam, or you will be rerolled. (Don’t be arrogant otherwise, rerolled)

6. Make sure you have your OWN payment method. No sharing of payment methods. Let me know if there is an issue with this. We will work something out.

7. When we say Join + stay in any space, TG voice chat, or any live coverage on any platform, users or joiners are expected to Join + Stay (however long they want to stay) One proof is enough here.

8. When we say Join + stay until the end in any space, TG voice chat, or live coverage on any platform, users or joiners are expected to provide two proofs. One is when they are at the beginning (when they started to join), and the other is at the end when the space ends.

9. When we post space and the space has not started yet, joiners are expected to come back when the space starts and joins and stay( check rule 7 and 8 for this).

10. We reserve the right to draw spaces, tg voice chat, or any live coverage on any platform at any given time. We will draw at any time even if we state for people to stay till the end of the space. Please understand that sponsors pay us per run time. If the space lasts for 24 hours and they only paid for 60 mins, then we draw it at 60 mins or any time in our preference.

Is your giveaway worldwide?


How do you pick winners?

We pick winners randomly via pickaw or competition agency.

How do I win?

Follow all the rules.


You have 24 hours to contest. After the period, the result is valid and final.

Disclaimer: Rules may change without notice. Additional rules may be followed that are not stated here. We do our best to constantly update the site, but some rules may not be listed.